Setting Weekly Goals

Hello, friends! I am always trying to improve upon myself. I know that I’m not perfect but I am constantly trying to make myself into a better person, and I do that by setting weekly goals. In the past, I’ve set goals for listening more, being more kind, being genuine, etc. This week’s goal was to be present and really just enjoy the people around me.

I always feel like I have to put on a show for everyone. I flit around like a butterfly from person to person, trying to make them laugh or smile, but sometimes it just feels like I’m not investing in them. I wanted to try to be present with the people around me, and really live in the moment. This involves listening to other people, as well as giving thoughtful responses. I think that one of the best things you can do for a person is just shut up and listen. Like that show on the Princess Diaries.

I would have to say that overall, I met my goal. I feel like I have become more genuine and thoughtful of the people around me, but there is definitely room for improvement. I encourage you guys to set weekly goals for yourselves. You can start out small, but really put in an effort to meet this goal. Trust me, it’s a great feeling to look back on your week and realize that you are molding yourself into your best self. ❤

-Love Ling


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