Fame In Reflection

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Hello, friends! Last week, my school closed our spring musical, Fame and the cast and crew has mixed feelings about it. Overall, I’m super proud of what we did. The cast and crew of the show are really talented and it was a blessing to be able to work with all of them. We put on a really good show, and I definitely learned a lot from this experience.

Theatre is unique because it puts you in a position that is uncomfortable to be in: putting yourself out there for everyone to see while convincingly being someone else. It’s definitely challenging at times, but it allows the creation of truth onstage and gives a clearer image of self.

The feeling that I get from being onstage is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I get this surge of adrenaline when I perform, and I’m really thankful that opportunities to do shows like Fame come along, because I get to live out what I’m passionate about.

Also, getting to play Carmen Diaz was a dream come true. Even though Carmen is nothing like who I am, I learned a lot from her, and was able to grow in my craft of acting.

Again, so thankful for Fame! Thank you to everyone who supported and helped put this show together. ❤

-Love Ling


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