March Life Favorites

Hello, friends! March was so hectic and a ton went on with the musical and school things. However, some of my non- beauty/life favorites have gotten me through the stressful month of March. I hope you enjoy!


Beautiful by Carole King: I discovered this song this month and I absolutely love it. Carole King is a classic and this song is constantly getting stuck in my head. I definitely recommend that you listen to it.

Moving Too Fast from “The Last Five Years”: I’ve really been into listening to the soundtrack from “The Last Five Years” this month. The music is really good, in general, but I especially love this song. It has a really upbeat sound and just makes you feel happy when you listen to it.


Silva Relax: Since this month has been really busy, I’ve been needing a lot of sleep. The app, Silva Relax, is absolutely wonderful, because it really helps me quiet my mind and go to sleep. You can play different relaxing tracks, and this really soothing voice guides you in your relaxation. I definitely recommend this app if you have trouble falling asleep or relaxing.

Overall, March was a really busy, yet fun month. Now that Spring is here, I can enjoy the warm weather and sunny days! I hope you guys have an amazing April!

-Love Ling


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