Being Mean


Hello, friends! I haven’t had a discussion about this kind of stuff with you in a while, but I think it’s important for people to understand the importance of kindness.

Life is really hard. There are going to be things that happen that aren’t fun and there are definitely going to be bad days. We have all had our fair share of bad days.

However, how you treat other people should not be at the expense of whatever is going on in your life. You are not the center of the universe, and it’s important to keep other people in mind, as well. Even when you have bad days, try to keep a good attitude and respect the people around you. There is literally no reason why you shouldn’t at least try to be nice to people.

I know that I tend to be unrealistic in expectations of how I think people should treat others. I agree that people suck sometimes, but you’re not going to get your way by being unkind to other people. You just make yourself look like a jerk.

For me, I don’t care how you look, how talented you are, or the cool things you do if you’re not kind. None of that matters, because the lasting impact that you leave on someone is how you made them feel.

Thanks for reading.

-Love Ling


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