May Non-Beauty Favorites

Hello, friends! How are you guys doing today? I’m hope you’re having an awesome day, but if you’re not, I hope it gets better. Today, I’m going to share my non-beauty favorites for the month of May. I hope you enjoy!


Birds: I listened to a ton of Birdy this month. Her voice is so beautiful and really soothing. My favorite Birdy songs are “Skinny Love”, “Not About Angels”, and “People Help People”. I really suggest listening to her album.

Nothing Without Love by Nate Reuss: Nate Reuss has the most interesting voice. This song is off of his new album that is coming out on June 16, and it’s so fun to listen to. I never get tired of it! If you’re into pop ballads with a bit of theatricality, I highly recommend this song.

Chapel Hill:

I visited Chapel Hill this month, and it was really fun! I think it was one of the highlights of May. My most recent blog post was about this visit, which I will link right here:


Prom was also this month! I went with some of my friends and had an amazing time! I will write a post all about it shortly!

These are my May Favorites!  I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and I will be posting more shortly!

-Love Ling


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