Governor’s School Update

Hello, friends! As some of you guys know, I have been at Governor’s School for the past couple of days and I absolutely love it. Governor’s School is a program that I applied for that allows me to live on a college campus for five weeks and learn about my “major” (theatre), along with other subjects, like philosophy.

I have been here for about four days, and it feels like it’s been weeks. The days seem really long here, but not in a bad way. There’s so much that goes on in a day, it seems like they’re 60 hours long. We do a lot of physical activities in theatre, which I was not expecting at all. Over the past week, I have jumped, crawled, and danced all over the theatre space in an activity called “view points”. I have also choreographed chair duets and scenes with people in my class. In addition to working with movement, the theatre class of 16 has visited art museums and interpreted different works. I really love this class and enjoy doing something new everyday. I also enjoy the people that I’m working with. The class is really small, so I feel like I’m tight with everyone in the class.

One of my favorite things about Governor’s School is the opportunity to meet new people. There is no shame in going into lunch and sitting down to the first person you see. That’s how a lot of people have been making friends, and it’s great, because everyone here is friendly. I have talked to people in many different subject areas, and it’s interesting to meet people from all walks of life. I’ve especially enjoyed bonding with my roommate and my suite mates. There’s really no choice to bond, considering that we all share a bathroom. I have really enjoyed eating breakfast with them every morning, having dance parties, and movie nights with these awesome people.

All in all, I have been loving my experience here, and I feel very fortunate to be here with so many different “lifelong learners”.


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