There’s this rule at Governor’s School that phones are not allowed during convocations or during class time. This is understandable, considering the GSE community is one that challenges in many aspects norms. It is difficult to abide by this rule, considering that this technology is a constant in our lives. Unfortunately, I am a one of those technology addict, and I find it difficult to live without seeing a screen. Because of this, I paid the price.

While rehearsing for our show in theatre, my phone alarm went off, and it was taken away. Seven days. Phoneless. This was irritating at first. In moments when I wanted to take pictures, I wasn’t able to. I couldn’t contact my friends to hang out via group message, nor could I be contacted. I couldn’t update Instagram or Twitter. Did people wonder if I dropped off the face of the earth?

Despite the inconveniences of not having my phone with me, it was really nice not having to worry about checking my messages or if my latest picture on Instagram got above 20 likes. I also didn’t have to worry about it getting taken away, thus falling into a pit of even more technology fasting. Rather than connecting via Snapchat or Twitter, I could *gasp* connect to people via talking. Rather than recording memories to share on Instagram, I could live them and enjoy them for myself.

We have become so reliant on our technology, it’s unreal. Ninety-two percent of teens go online daily, and twenty-four percent of teens are online almost constantly. While technology fosters the connection of ideas and people, its overuse has negative effects. As my theatre show, A Tragic Hyperextension Of The Central Nervous System, portrays, technology can hinder relationships and realization of true identity. Because of this, it was nice to take break from the swiping and clicking for a while and be present with the world around me.

The “No Phone Rule” here at GSE is inconvenient, however it’s intentions are positive. Having my phone taken away was a nuisance at first, but it made me realize that I don’t need technology to live. I can enjoy all of life’s gifts without having to share it online. I hope that you won’t have to have your phone confiscated, but I encourage you to try going a day without a technology. Believe me, it will be a hashtag blessed experience.

-Love Ling


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