10 Things I Learned From Dorm Life

Hello, friends! Governor’s School is ending tomorrow. Sad face. I can guarantee that you will be seeing a lot of reflective posts about my experience here, because it’s something that affected me deeply.

One of the best parts of Gov School is making friends, and for me, that came from my roommate, Molly. When I first met her, it was a bit awkward at first. We didn’t know anything about each other and were both nervous about being thrown into this program without our families. Despite this, we became fast friends. Molly is one of those people who you can chill with and completely be yourself. She’s got a laid-back personality that makes it easy to have fun and try new things. I love her to death!

Our friendship extended to Sara and Kaitlyn, whom we shared a bathroom with. All of our personalities are different and we’ve all come from different walks of life, but we have become very close over the past five and a-half weeks. Kaitlyn is the sweet and sassy singer and Sara, a 4’11” dancer who’s the cutest ever. I love them like sisters.

I’ve roomed with people for short periods of time before, but I have never spent over a month living in close quarters with other people. This has definitely been a learning experience, but it’s been one of the best parts of Governor’s School. I have compiled a list of 10 things I learned from having roommates. Whether you’re about to go to camp or college, I hope this helps you get a view of what this is like!

People vary in room maintenance.

Some people are messier than others, which is fine. I was raised to value a neat and tidy living space, but others may not see that as important. Communicate with your roommate to make sure that you both are comfortable with the condition of the room.

Things get messy very quickly.

Don’t doubt the power of dust bunnies. They get you! Even when you’ve cleaned, you’ll be surprised at how quickly a mess can pile up.

Communication is key.

In order for you and your roommates to get along, it’s important to be honest. If you prefer to shower in the morning, let them know. If you like to go to bed at a certain time, let them know. Save yourself the awkwardness of conflict and put it out there at the beginning.

Mornings are not for everyone. 

Be respectful of the sleeping patterns for roommates. If you’re more of an early riser, keep quiet if your roommate is still sleeping. Also, don’t take it personally if your roommate is grumpy in the morning. We’re always happier when we’re sleeping.

A large amount of snacks is important.

While living in a dorm, I’ve come to realize the value of snacks. Not only are they yummy to eat, but it’s nice to have them around for your friends. I have a tendency to eat when I’m bored, so I tried investing in snacks that were a bit healthier. It’s up to you, though! There’s no shame in eating a pint of ice-cream in one night.

The definition of a movie night.

In a dorm life, it’s uncommon to find an actual TV and watch a movie in front of it. Something that me and my roommates really enjoyed was pushing our beds together and watching a movie on a laptop. It’s super fun and great for roommate bonding!

Every night is a sleepover.

I would like to add a disclaimer for this, because not everyone gets along with their roommates. Fortunately, I’m friends with my roommates, so it’s like having a sleepover every night. We would stay up late laughing, talking, and eating. It’s great.

How to be resourceful.

You’re not going to have access to all the luxuries you might find while living at home. For example, we didn’t have a mop for a while, so I would skate around the room on clorox wipes. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Everything just works so much better if you get along with your roommates, so make an effort to be friendly and social. If you need to clean, have a cleaning party together. If you need help doing your hair, get the help from your roommates! It’s so much more fun when you get everyone else involved!

Living with someone can be the best thing ever. 

There are some difficulties in living with other people, for sure. Everyone is accustomed to different ways of doing things, an that’s something that you’ll just have to work around. However, it’s been one of the best parts of being here at GSE. Dorm life has given me life long friends and memories that I will stick with me for a long time. IMG_7724

-Love Ling


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