Lessons On Leadership

Hello, friends! I just got back from spending the entire day at school; leading transitional Freshman around the school and later, leading the student council retreat. I am Student Body President at my school and with that comes a lot of responsibility and trust on my shoulders. After all of the facilitating of events today, I am physically and emotionally exhausted. However, all that went down today taught me a good lesson about being a leader.

Getting a ton of people to listen to you and participate in what you planned is not always easy. I learned that you have to accept that people will have different opinions and their interest/disinterest  in certain activities shouldn’t be taken personally. Sometimes you just have to go with what’s in the best interest of the whole group in order to make things work, even when it doesn’t make you the most popular person. Based on my experience, I concluded that you can’t always be the fun one. Sometimes, you have to step up and be the boss to get the job done. There’s a time to be social and fun, but there’s also a time to take charge and work in the best interest of others.

I love to lead and I feel like today gave me a better idea of what a leader is. Hopefully, I’ll continue to learn about leadership and grow as a person and leader.

-Love Ling


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