Hello, friends! I hope you’re having a great day today! You may have noticed that on this blog, I have a little section where I leave words of wisdom that will hopefully help guide you. I say, “Ground yourself in love and gratitude.” Gratitude. This concept has recently become more prominent in my life. It’s so easy to go about our daily lives without stopping to appreciate what we have. We’re in a constant state of trying to fill our needs and don’t pay attention to needs already met.

In theatre class at school, we fill in gratitude journals. Every day, we list five things that we’re thankful for, whether that be having running water accessible to us or being able to fill up the gas tank. By the time the semester ends, our gratitude journals will be filled with hundreds of things to be thankful for.

I’ve tried to incorporate gratitude into my life more recently. When I’m not feeling great or just having a sucky day, it’s so grounding to take a step back and appreciate what I have. Every day brings its own struggle, but realizing how blessed I am gives me strength to get through it. I’m not saying that my life has been completely flipped around, but practicing gratitude has really helped me appreciate my life more. I’ve become more positive and aware of the privileges that I take for granted.

I encourage you to pause every once and a while and think about all that you have been given.Maybe you’re thankful that you could pay the rent this month. Maybe you’re thankful that you have school supplies. Maybe you’re thankful to be alive.  I’m sure that if you were to make a list of all the blessings in your life, it would fill an entire book.

-Love Ling


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