My Goals For Senior Year

Hello, friends! I’m a senior! Can you believe it?! This is a super important year for me. It’s a year of lasts, but it’s also a time that where I am trying to figure out how the rest of my life is going to play out. I’m applying to colleges, enjoying senior perks, and trying to make the most out of my time in high school. Here are some of my goals for the year:

Grow in my relationships

 Over the past four years, I’ve established wonderful relationships with my friends and teachers. While I think it’s important to make new friends, I want to take the time to really invest in the friendships that I already have.

Avoid Senior-itis

I’ve been in school for two weeks and it’s already been a struggle avoiding this. I need to remind myself that I’m still in school and have to continue my studies throughout the year.

Make the most out of every moment

Again, this is a year of lasts. I want to make sure that I thoroughly enjoy every moment that I can.

Be grateful

Applying to colleges is super stressful, but I think it’s important to remember that I am so freaking lucky to be able to go to college. I aim to practice gratitude for this gift and the blessings I’ve received throughout high school.

Be a role model

I remember being a freshman and really looking up to the senior class. They seemed to be so much older, cooler, and more mature. I hope to be a role model for others in my school, so they can have an even better high school experience.

-Love Ling


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