Year Of The Girl Boss

Hello, friends! I have deemed 2016 the year of the Girl Boss. I’m living this year to the fullest and taking no prisoners.  It’s about darn time that I do what I want for me. That’s right. Life is too short to deal with bull, so I’m cutting out the crap and living my best life.

In the past, one of my challenges was that I’ve been too nice and just let things slide.I still think it’s great to be kind and positive, but I really need to work on being assertive and honest, no matter what people think. This may not come easy, but it’s definitely something to work towards.

This is the year where I will get {stuff} done. 2016 is my high school graduation year! I’m moving on to bigger and better things and embracing my inner Girl Boss.

Whether your New Year’s resolution is to get more organized,get fit, or be a Girl Boss, know that who you are right now is enough. Embrace who you are and live your best life. Happy 2016.

Unknown-Love Ling


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