It’s The Little Things

Hello, friends! I you guys are having a good week so far. It’s the dreaded week of exams for the folks at my school. I’m super lucky that I’m able to exempt some exams and get to take a few days off of school. It’s super nice to be able to have free time. I’ve been filling my free time with activities that I don’t usually have time for like, TV time or getting lunch with friends. I’ve seriously eaten out every single day this week. It’s getting bad. However, having this free time has made me really appreciative of the little things in life that are just fun. For example, today I spent most of the day under my covers watching Season Four of New Girl. Afterwards, I went shopping and got coffee with my best friend, Savannah. We spent about three hours just chatting and catching up, as friends do. I’m really appreciative of these days that are fun and filled with friends. It’s kind of like my recharge moment before the start of next semester. Me likey.

-Love Ling



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