Happy Birthday, Love Ling

Hello, friends! This is a momentous occasion.

Two years ago, I sat down one evening and decided on a whim to start a blog. I was a sophomore at the time and didn’t really know what I was doing, but I knew that a blog was something to do that I wanted to be a part of.

Love Ling. It started as a beauty blog and still is, to some extent. I post a review or a haul every now and then, but my posts are more so about life than anything else. Love Ling allows me to share my life with you guys and give you insight into my thoughts and feelings. It’s also a personal account of everything that I’ve gone through over the past couple of years: the phases, the triumphs, the
downfalls. It’s all here for you and me both to see.

So here we are two years later. Thank you for reading my posts and being there for me. Thank you for liking my pictures on Instagram and sharing what you’ve read with your friends. Thank you for your support over these past two years.

This blog will continue as evidence of the changes I have gone through and will go through, but it will always start with a “Hello, friends” and a “-Love Ling” at the end.

Happy birthday, Love Ling.


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