Barcelona: Day 1

Hello, friends! Welcome to my first post on my new travel series, “Travel-Ling”. The first stop on this European journey was in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain.

Barcelona. The land of Gaudi, tapas, and Cheetah Girls 2, among many other claims to fame. My family and I spent three days in this city, walking over 20 miles in total! There’s so much to explore in Barca, it would take weeks to see it all. We did, however, get to hit a lot of the main sights…

Whenever my family explores a new city, we love to take a bike tour. This is the best way to get introduced to a new place, without the stress of taking a big group walking tour. Our tour guide was super chill and told us some cool information about Barcelona, like how the four red stripes on the flag represents the blood of one of their late leaders and that the Eiffel Tower was originally planned to be there. Some of the sights we saw included La Sagrada Familia, La Parque de Ciutadella, and the Arc de Triumph. The tour was definitely a work out, but I enjoyed biking around the city!

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Later that day, we explored Barcelona and walked around a bit. I am completely obsessed with the architecture of the city, with the tall, beautiful buildings and cobble-stone streets. Barcelona is definitely artsy and proud of its culture, which is reflected throughout the city. I could not stop taking pictures of the pretty windows that lined the streets. I wanted to take pictures and paint everything!

Before dinner that night, we walked into La Catedral, one of Barcelona’s main cathedrals that was situated right near our hotel. I would have to say that La Catedral is a must-see in Barcelona. It was dedicated to a thirteen- year old girl, St. Eulalia who suffered thirteen tortures out of refusal to renounce her Christian faith. She was later martyred at the end of her tortures, and La Catedral serves as a monument to her and to the Christian faith itself. This cathedral was absolutely beautiful with its gothic architecture (my fave!) and stained glass windows. We even got to take the elevator to the rooftop of the church for some wicked Barcelona views. For you tourists out there, the cathedral is free to go into, but it’s three euro for the trip up to the top. For me, it was totally worth it.



Those were some of the main high lights of Day 1 in Barcelona! I hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for my next post!

-Love Ling


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