Barcelona: Day 2 & 3

Hello, friends! Continuing with this travel journal, I would like to share with you the rest of our travels in Barcelona, Spain. Here’s some of the high lights…

Day 2 

For Breakfast…

  We started off our day with my  favorite breakfast in the world: a pastry and a cappuccino. Usually at home, I eat a huge breakfast, but somehow this is enough to power me through the morning. This tasty meal was enjoyed outside of La Catedral, which offered a ton of people watching and the chill morning vibe of Barca.


“It’s all ruined”…

Following breakfast, we bought tickets to go tour the underground ruins of the old city of Barcelona. It was awesome! It was so crazy to think that all of these walls and stones were once an established city with customs and cultures similar to ours today, such as laundry services and spas. If you ever get a chance to take  tour of this museum, do it! It’s awesome and one of the biggest collections of ruins in Europe.


Before wandering out to lunch, we stopped in this cute little courtyard to take some pictures. The picture below would be me having a tourist moment. 🙂


Lunch time…

For lunch, we grabbed some delicious empanadas and ate them on the steps of some unknown building. It was awesome!


Strut like you mean it…

After lunch, we wandered a bit more, trying to find the Picasso museum. We actually stumbled upon this gorgeous little street that we discovered was one of the locations for Cheetah Girls 2 filming! Do you remember the song “Strut”? It was filmed right here.


La Rambla…

That evening we got dinner at the evening hot spot of Barcelona, La Rambla. This street is so cool! There’s stores, food, street artists, music- everything you need for an awesome night!


Day 3

On day three of Barcelona, our two goals were to go to the Picasso museum and La Sagrada Familia. All of this summed up to a 9.3 miles of walking! With all of this walking, here’s what we saw…


The morning got off to a great start with the Picasso museum. I loved it! It was really interesting to see his evolution as a painter. The museum was huge and featured his works from different periods of his life, from when he was a student to an established artist. I actually liked his older paintings better, before he developed his own style. I think this was one of my favorite things that we did in Barcelona. Picasso is truly a genius.


Sagrada Familia… 

We took a short rest at the hotel before venturing out to Sagrada Familia, Barcelona’s most famous church. It’s been hundreds of years and the church isn’t completed it! The architect, Gaudi, died before he saw it finished and Barcelona is still in the process of building this mass (no pun intended) of a cathedral! I’ve got to be honest. La Sagrada Familia is must see in Barcelona, but it wasn’t necessarily my favorite stop on our trip. Being there felt kind of like being at Disney World, with enormous lines, and thousands of tourists working their way around the inside of the church, snapping pictures. While the church is beautiful, I prefer visiting cathedrals that are less crowded and less of a tourist spot.



I’m really grateful for the experience of coming to Barcelona. The city is beautiful and I absolutely love the culture, especially the food! I hope you’ve enjoyed the “Travel-Ling” series so far and I will see you guys in Milan!

-Love Ling


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