Hello, friends! Today I am going to be sharing with you our adventures in Rome. Rome is one of my favorite cities in Italy. It’s beautiful, the people are friendly, and there’s so much stuff to do here! Sharing our travels below…

Day 1: 

Day 1 of Rome basically consisted of arriving in Rome. We took a scenic train ride from Milan to the Roma Termini train station, then got settled in to our usual hotel, the Hotel Kennedy. We later got pizza for lunch, took care of buying our metro passes, and relaxed until dinner.

Ding, ding, ding! Restaurant recommendation in Rome! The restaurant we ate at was called Trattoria Cecio, and is located right around the corner from the Roma Termini train station. This is a very popular site, with it’s delicious food and friendly staff-make sure to make a reservation ahead of time!

Not much happened on our first day of Rome, but just you wait. It gets busy real quick.

Day 2: 


The day started off with a subway ride down to the Vatican City for a trip to St. Peter’s Cathedral. It was super hot that day, and waiting in line to get through security took a while, but it was totally worth it. The church is beautiful and a must see if you’re ever in the Vatican City. When we visited, we got super lucky, because this is the year of the Jubilee doors. Apparently, they only have these doors on the Cathedral every twenty years.

After visiting the Vatican, we took a subway down to Piazza del Popolo and walked around a bit, eventually finding the Spanish steps. We did a bit of shopping, even visiting the Longchamp store, which I was very excited about. Eventually, we settled down for lunch and gelato.

Later in the evening, we had dinner at what I have dubbed the”Feed you ’til you die” restaurant. This is one of our favorite restaurants in Rome. The owner, Paola, greets all customers like family when dining there, even scolding people when they don’t eat all of their food. This restaurant has a set menu, where the waiters bring out a four course meal for a flat rate or 25 Euro a person.IMG_6173

We left dinner with our tummies full and wandered down to my favorite spot in Rome, Piazza Navona. This a gigantic square in the middle of the city, with restaurants, artists, musicians, and the fountain where that one priest was drowned in in the movie Angels and Demons. I always love walking around the beautiful Piazza Navona, but make sure to go at night! It’s less crowded and ten times cooler.

Day 3:


We continued our adventures in Rome with hitting some of the main tourist spots, including the Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum, which never cease to impress. I was pleasantly surprised that the Trevi Fountain wasn’t under scaffolding this year! It was, however, being cleaned, so it was  bit awkward trying to throw a coin in without hitting the blockades.

For lunch, my dad and I took a trip over to the Eataly in Rome. It was even bigger than the one in Milan, with five floors chock-full of food, wine, the works.

Later that evening, we met up with the students in the program for the first time! My sister and I were put in charge of checking everyone in and buying their train tickets. It’s always exciting to meet the people we’re going to be spending the rest of the summer with. We were able to further bond with the students in the cooking class we took with them later that evening.


My family and I have been taking cooking classes with Cooking Classes In Rome for a few years and have recently started doing group classes with the students. Chef Andrea Consoli lead us through a three-hour class, where we worked together to prepare a three course meal that we later ate together. I absolutely love these classes and Chef Andrea is absolutely wonderful. If you are ever in Rome and want something fun to do with your friends or family, I definitely recommend Cooking Classes In Rome! Check them out from the link below. We had a wonderful time cooking delicious food and getting to know the group better!

I hope you enjoyed our travels in Rome! See you in Orvieto!

-Love Ling


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