Exploring San Antonio

img_6822Hello, friends! My first semester of college is in full swing and I couldn’t be any busier (or happier). From classes, to feeling out different organizations, to adjusting  to my new home-it’s been  whirl-wind of craziness.

It’s been a bit of a challenge finding time to explore this beautiful city that I’m living in, which is ironic because San Antonio is part of the reason that I chose the school that I did!  However, while I was exploring different organizations, I got involved in a Christian group called Intervarsity, who invited me to a scavenger hunt in downtown San Antonio. This was super fun and an awesome opportunity to meet people and explore this gorgeous city.

I haven’t been here long, but I can already tell that San Antonio is special. Not only is it full of history, but there’s something interesting to discover on every corner. When we were doing the scavenger hunt, we started in the tourist-y area of the Alamo. This was cool enough, but as we made our way into downtown, we discovered that there’s so much more to San Antonio that meets the eye. It’s a city where old meets new, where 300 year old cathedrals and haunted hotels can be found down street from hip restaurants and clubs. One of my favorite things we saw on the scavenger hunt was a little area within downtown called “Villita”, a historic art community, filled with little shops and art galleries. We also found an awesome park by the Tower of Americas with fountains, play sets, and areas for people to just hang out. Not to mention the live music scene in San Antonio, where cool street bands and outdoor concerts are a norm.

This is just a sampling of what San Antonio has to offer and I’m sure I will be discovering much more while I’m here. I’m feel so lucky to be living in such an inspiring, accepting, and brilliant city. If you’ve ever visited, please let me know what some of your favorite spots are in the comments below. And if you have restaurant recommendations, I would love to hear those as well! Have an awesome day, you guys!

-Love Ling



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