My New Favorite Jewelry


dt6a9368Hello, friends! I’ve got to say, I’ve never really been a jewelry person. It always seemed like such an unnecessary accessory that I simply didn’t have time for. However, over the past couple of months, I’ve been experimenting with a bit of jewelry-a necklace here, a bracelet there. It’s actually really fun!

My most recent favorite piece of jewelry is this necklace that my friend, Maya, made. It’s a simple choker with three little beads in the middle and I wear it every day. It goes with everything! I love wearing it with both high neck shirts and v-necks to add a bit of an edge to my outfit. It even looks cute with a simple t-shirt! I’ve yet to try it, but this necklace would look amazing layered with other necklaces.

Luckily for you guys, Maya actually makes and sells this jewelry and sells it on her Etsy shop. I’m honestly really impressed by anyone who ventures out to start their own business. Remember how this year is the Year of The Girl Boss? Well, this is a total  Girl Boss move. While I encourage you to check out her jewelry, I also encourage you to think with the mind of a small business owner: try something new and dedicate yourself to it. Whether this be through starting up a business, creating a blog, or even working on a project at home, allow yourself to take risks and give it your all.

If you’re interested in purchasing her jewelry, or even looking at her page, I will leave her Instagram and Etsy below. I really do love her jewelry and think she does a really good job creating quality products and giving great customer service.


Here’s Maya’s  information! Go check her out!

Instagram:  products_by_papaya

Etsy shop:


-Love Ling


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