Yummy, Sunny Breakfast

Hello, friends! I present to you a picture of my yummy breakfast and a peek of my adorable dog, Maggie. As you can see, Maggie thinks this breakfast looks pretty yummy, too!  One of my favorite dishes to make for breakfast is this avocado-smash dish. It’s healthy, delicious, and really simple to make. Here’s a quick little recipe for this dish:


Half of an avocado

1 slice of bread

1 egg

Salt and pepper

What to do: 

To make this easy breakfast, I begin my toasting a piece of bread and spreading half of an avocado on top. I find that it’s easier to scoop the avocado out with a fork, then mash it onto the toast. I then add a fried egg on top of it. I prefer the egg to be runny, but if you don’t like runny yolk, feel free to cook the egg a bit longer. To finish it off, I add a bit of salt and pepper on the top, just to add a bit more flavor.

Now go on out there and try this recipe and let me know what you think! I hope you find that it is easy to make, delicious, and totally picture-worthy! Happy breakfast 🙂

-Love Ling


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