My Top 5 Fitness Motivations


Hello, friends! As I write to you today, I am sitting at an airport food court, getting ready to head back to school. While I had an awesome, relaxing break, I’m excited to get back to campus, see my friends, and start working again! I say that now, but I know I’ll be singing a different tune when papers and sleep deprivation roll around….

Anyways! We are at the beginning of the new year, and I know that for a lot of people, their new year’s resolution is to be more active. Whether it be going to the gym more, losing weight, or toning up, taking charge of your health is important and definitely a great resolution to make! But we all know the story of how this goes. You’ll make a resolution to go to the gym more, may/may not see some results, and then eventually life gets in the way and an exercise routine becomes harder and harder to keep up with. We’ve all been there.

If you have made the resolution to be more active in 2017 or if you simply want to work out more, here are some of my tips for forming a fitness routine and sticking to it. These tips may not work for everybody, but they really helped me stick to an exercise regimen, even with a busy college schedule.

Tip #1) Find Workouts That You Love

I know it can be difficult to find motivation to workout, especially when you don’t enjoy the exercises you are doing. Believe me, you won’t find me going on a jog anytime soon. However, I’ve found that I really love doing pilates, yoga, and dancing, so I use these activities to create a routine that I truly love to do. If you don’t like to run or lift weights, try a Zumba or Barre class! Cater your fitness routine to your preferences and have fun with it!

One of my favorite ways to workout is by doing exercise videos that I find on YouTube. Here are some of my favorite channels:


For pilates, I recommend the Blogilates channel. This channel is lead by pilates instructor, Cassey Ho, who has a firecracker of a personality and will make you work. Her workouts are fun, upbeat, and challenging.


I discovered the channel, “Yoga With Adriene” at the beginning of the year, and I truly love it. “Yoga With Adriene” is run by Yogi Adriene Mischler, who I think is just the coolest chick. She’s an actress and from Austin? Heyoo! These videos are 20-30 minutes long, and Adriene leads you through a practice  that emphasizes finding what feels good and enjoying your time on the mat.

Tip #2) Incorporate Fitness Into Everyday Routine

We all have busy lives, and believe me, I know it can be difficult to find time to workout. However, even if it’s just for five or ten minutes, reserving a block of time dedicated to working out really helps with sticking to a fitness routine.

During the fall semester, I only had one class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I decided that those would be the days I would workout. After class, I would get my things together, head to the gym for an hour, shower, and then have lunch. It took a few weeks to get used to having this as a part of my routine, but after a while, it just became a part of my day.

It might be a challenging or a little uncomfortable to get into the habit of exercising at first, but once you do, you’ll find that it gets easier and easier.

 Tip #3) Change Your Mindset

It can definitely be frustrating when you feel like you’re putting in all of this work and not seeing results fast enough. This frustration can easily be turned into lack of motivation, which in turn, leads to giving up  all together. We’ve all been there.

Something that really helped me, though, was something that Cassey Ho said in one of her Blogilates videos. She said to stop trying to workout in order to see changes in your body. Workout to feel good, to feel accomplished when you leave the gym. Workout for you, for your overall happiness. You may not be seeing results right away, but once you get into the mindset of exercising in order to feel good, you’ll find that change will come. While I used to dread working out, I genuinely really love it now. I love moving, pushing my body, and appreciating all the amazing things it can do.

Tip #4) Make Your Workout Fun

 Find the fun in your workout! Put on some cute workout clothes! Workout with a friend! One of the ways I make my workout fun is through music. Whenever I go to the gym, I put on the Dance Party Workout Playlist on Spotify, which has a ton of fun, high-energy songs. Putting on cool music makes my workout so much more fun, increases my energy, and makes me more motivated to keep going.

Tip #5) Switch Up Your Routine

Another way to stay motivated in your workout is to switch things up every now and then. Sticking to the same old routine can be boring, try some new things! Maybe one day your workout involves going on a hike or having a dance party in your room. Maybe you’ll decide to swim or take a walk with your dog. Have fun with it! Switching up your routine may also involve giving yourself time to relax or take a break. Working out can be really fun, but rest days can be equally beneficial.

I hope you found this blog post to be helpful and that you’ll be able to integrate these tips into your everyday life. Remember that it’s not always going to be easy and you’re not always going to see results right away. This is absolutely fine! And if you decide that you want to take some time off, that’s fine too! Find what works for you and do whatever you think will benefit you the most. As Adriene Mischler would say, “Find what feels good”.

Sending good vibes to you all.

-Love Ling



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