Summer Beauty Haul: Drugstore and High End

Hello, friends! I am coming to you all with a  beauty haul! There were a ton of products that I wanted to try, both drugstore and high end, so I purchased them and am hoping to use them for future blog posts. So stay tuned in to Love Ling, and I’ll let you know how these products worked for me! Enjoy!

**Disclaimer: I am not bragging and I purchased all of these products myself. I just wanted to let you know what products were on the market and how they worked out for me, so that you can enjoy or avoid them.

High End Beauty


Benefit the Pore Professional Primer: This is definitely not a new product on the market, but something that I’ve been dying to try for sometime now. It’s supposed to reduce the appearance of pores, as well as prep your skin for any makeup on top of it. I just got the travel size, because it’s a lot less expensive than the full size! It is pretty tiny, though. I’ve tried it once and I like the way it feels on the skin. I’ll let you know how it works with foundation and longevity in the future!

Tarteist Pro To Go Set: I was really excited about trying this set! It comes with an eyeshadow palette, a lip gloss, and a mascara. I have tried all of these products and really like them so far, especially the eyeshadow palette. For the price ($23), it’s a great deal! Be sure to look out for a review on this set soon.

Sephora Bright Set Loose Powder in “Banana”: I have never tried a powder like this before. It’s a loose powder with a yellow tint for brightening and can be used to brighten or set your makeup. I’m still playing with this product, but I like the finish it gives my skin. I do, however, have a hard time with the packaging. I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong, but I have a hard time trying to get the product out.

Drugstore Beauty


Covergirl TruNaked Jewels Palette: I have been eyeing this product for such a long time and am so happy that I purchased it! The other Covergirl eyeshadow palettes have gotten rave reviews and I really enjoy this one, as well. I usually wear neutral shades, but I like that this palette allows me to incorporate a bit of color, while still being wearable. I’m a huge fan of the pigmentation and finish, too.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Bronzer in “Sunkissed”: This was recommended by Casey Holmes on YouTube (who I love!) and she uses it all the time in her videos. The powder is very smooth and features four different bronzing colors that you can mix together to get your perfect shade. I personally like mixing them all together to add some healthy warmth to the skin.

E.L.F. Blending Brush: I am pretty stingy with my money when it comes to makeup brushes, but I am so happy that E.L.F. provides affordable, yet high quality brushes. This blending brush is multi-functional–I can use it to pack on shadow, as a crease brush, and to blend! I think this is going to be one of my new favorite brushes.

Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation in “Golden Beige”: This product was also recommended by Casey Holmes, so naturally, I had to try it! This foundation is only $5.99 at the drugstore and claims to look great on the skin in seven different forms of light (helloo flash photography!) Expect a review on this foundation soon!

Wet n Wild Photo Focus Concealer: I got this concealer to go with the foundation. It’s only $2.99, but it works great with the foundation!

Wet n Wild Highlighting Powder in “Precious Petals”: Another product from Wet n Wild! This highlighter is absolutely beautiful! It’s got a rose gold tint to it and is amazingly pigmented. Needless to say, Wet n Wild is killing it at the drugstore. Woo affordable makeup!


Soap and Glory Body Spray in “Original Pink”: I am obsessed with the Soap and Glory hand cream and had to try out this body spray! The scent is very fresh, but not too sweet. It’s a very affordable body spray, so I recommend trying it out!

Victoria’s Secret Body Oil in “Coconut Milk”: I tried the body butter version of this scent and absolutely loved it! I’ve never tried a body oil, but I’m hoping that it will give me a nice glow if I want to go out to dinner or go to the beach. The scent is very tropical, with notes of coconut and lime. I appreciate that it’s not an overpowering scent, though.

Victoria’s Secret Roller Ball in “Bombshell”: With the coupon I had, I got this roller ball for free. I really like the scent of this perfume and really appreciate that it stays on. To me, it kind of smells like clementines–it’s got a very fruity, flirty scent. I’m definitely going to get a lot of use from this in the summer.

Organix Hydrating Oil Mist: My hair has been so dry lately! I wanted to try this out so that I can add shine and moisture to my hair without weighing it down. I’m still trying it out, but so far, I like how light it feels and that it seems to soften my hair.

Thank you so much for reading this post and I hope that it inspired you to try out some new beauty products for the summer. As you can see, I’m not super big on spending large amounts of money on beauty products, so I hope to share some more affordable products with you.

Expect to see reviews on some of these products in the future! I’ve already started testing things out for you guys! Have a great day!

-Love Ling


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