Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation First Impression

Hello, friends! I hope all of you are doing well. A couple days ago, I posted a beauty haul featuring  different products that I wanted to  test out for you guys and today, I’m going to be sharing what I think of the Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation. Enjoy!

The Basics:

Price: $5.99 for the foundation and $3.99 for the concealer

Where to purchase: This product can be found at most drugstores and on their website. I purchased mine at Riteaid.

Shade range: The website features 20 different foundation shades, though not all drugstores carry the full range of shades. As for concealers, there are six shades. My foundation is in Golden Beige and the concealer is in Medium Tawny.

Claims: This foundation claims to give a flawless finish under seven light conditions, which makes it great for flash photos! Woo! No flashback!


The foundation comes in glass packaging, which is really nice for such an affordable price! It also contains a spatula applicator, which makes it easy to dot the product on the face. Though I would prefer a pump to dispense the product, the spatula does save time in application.

The packaging for the concealer is simple, but reminds me of the packaging for the NARS creamy radiant concealer.


Before applying this foundation, I used the Benefit Professional primer to prime the skin and help with the longevity of this foundation.

To apply the Photofocus foundation, I used the spatula to dot the product all over my face and blended it out with a sponge. It definitely took some blending in order to apply it evenly, but after a little bit of work, it looked fine. I also noticed that caked a little bit around the corners of my nose, but nothing a little extra blending couldn’t fix!

I really like this color for my skin tone and found that it gave a smooth, flawless finish. It definitely gives medium coverage and can be built up. The foundation was slightly tacky after I finished applying it, but once this foundation set, my skin felt silky to the touch and mattified, overall. I really like the way this foundation looks!

After applying foundation, I applied a little bit of concealer under my eyes. I really like this concealer, as well! I like that the applicator is really spongey, so it doesn’t apply too much product. I found that the concealer also gave pretty good coverage, though it wasn’t great for spot concealing my blemishes. I will probably just use this under my eyes.

I also wanted to see how other Wet n Wild products reacted with the foundation and concealer, so once I set my face with powder, I applied the Wet n Wild blush in “Mellow Wine” and the highlighter in “Precious Petals”. I really like these two products and found that they set well on the skin.

The Photo Test

Ah! A picture of me! I wanted to see if the foundation lived up to its claim as a photo friendly foundation. In this picture, the color of my face looks slightly off from the rest of my skin, but the foundation photographs well. I definitely agree with its photo friendly claim.


As far as the wear of this foundation, I was thoroughly impressed by how it looked throughout the day. My oily skin was only slightly shiny three hours in and I didn’t feel the need to blot until wearing it for about five hours. My skin looked flawless for the majority of the day, though it started to wear off around hour eight. I did wear this product for about twelve hours, though. It didn’t stay flawless for all this time, but it didn’t completely melt off! I also had a really busy day of running errands!

As far as how it reacted to the highlighter and blush, these two products ended up wearing off.

Overall Thoughts

I really like this foundation and concealer, and for the price, I think it’s a great deal! It gives really great coverage and wears beautifully–the photo friendly feature is an added bonus. The only qualm I have about this foundation is that I wish it had a pump and I noticed some breakouts on my nose at the end of the day. I know. I really like this foundation and was disappointed that I had broken out by the end of the day. I did notice that this foundation didn’t claim to be oil free, so it may have led to the breakout. I don’t know if I will wear this foundation again, because I don’t want to risk a negative reaction from my skin. But I’m conflicted, because I think this foundation gives great coverage!Granted, I did wear this foundation for quite sometime and there may have been other factors that led to my angry skin, such as the greasy food that I’ve been eating the past couple of days. I don’t want to tell you not to buy this foundation, because I really like it and appreciate how affordable it is. However, I did break out after wearing it, so I would be cautious if you have sensitive skin.

I hope you enjoyed this review, you guys! Let me know if you have tried out this foundation and what you think of it! Have a great day!

-Love Ling


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