Yummy Granola Breakfast 

Yummy GranolaBreakfast

Hello, friends! I hope you guys are having a good morning, day, night, whatever time it may be. I am currently chilling out on my couch watching Kid’s Chopped while listening to the storm happening outside. It’s definitely a very chill day. I may just fall asleep.

Anyways! Today, I am sharing with you a simple, easy breakfast that I enjoy most days. This breakfast is basically a parfait, complete with greek yogurt, granola, drizzled honey, and blueberries. It’s super easy to make, fills me up, and is absolutely delicious! I think it’s healthy? Greek yogurt is healthy, right?

The ingredients are pretty self-explanatory, but I will leave them below. I hope you try out this easy, yummy breakfast and have a great day!


1 C Vanilla greek yogurt

1/2 C Granola (mine is from the Kind brand)

Honey (Just drizzle it over the top, honey!)

A handful of your fruit of choice (I love blueberries)

**P.S. I have really been enjoying creating these blog posts for you. If you have any requests for posts that you would like to see or have any questions you would like me to answer on this blog, please let me know in the comments or by emailing me at lovelingblog@gmail.com. I would love to do a question and answer session or something like that! Love y’all.

-Love Ling


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