Have a Great Summer!

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Hello, friends! Summer is in full swing and I am very happy to see constant sunshine. Well, almost constant. It’s stormed a few times. I find summer to be so refreshing, because it’s the time when you can let your school and (some) work responsibilities go for a little bit and focus on having fun!

This year, my summer is a little bit different, because I am not going to be traveling to Europe with my dad and sister as I have in past years. Unfortunately, the “Travel-ling” series is going to be put on hold. Summer 2017 is the summer where I get a job and luckily, I have landed a summer job and started working a couple weeks ago. While I would rather be traveling and hanging out with my family, there is definitely a lot of merit in taking a summer off and setting myself up for the upcoming school year. Because I am staying home, I have a lot more time to spend with my friends, who are also working over the summer. I’m also able to relax and recharge after my crazy first year of college! Let’s embrace this staycation, shall we?

I hope that you guys find time this summer to take care of yourselves and recharge for the upcoming year. Below I have listed some fun ways for you to get the most out of your summer, whether it’s relaxed and work-filled like mine or full of adventure and travel! Read on!

Get outside

Take advantage of the gorgeous weather! Spend some time at the pool, get some friends together for a hike. If the great outdoors aren’t your thing, maybe try exploring some local spots that you’ve never tried before. Hanging out on the couch is perfectly fine, but at the end of the summer, would you rather say that you spent your time binge-watching Netflix or getting out and making memories?

Take care of yourself

In conjunction with getting outside, make sure you’re wearing plenty of sunscreen and keeping yourself hydrated. The sun is not always your friend, so make sure that you are taking care of your skin. And you know what they say, hydrate or die-drate.

Catch up on hobbies

I definitely don’t have enough time during the school year to do things that I enjoy, like yoga, painting, and reading. When I’m not at work, I try to take part in some of my hobbies. It makes me feel more productive–improving myself and working towards little goals that I have.

Spend time with friends

Yay! I’m home and I can hang out with my friends that I don’t get to see when I’m at college. My friends and I havespent a lot of time together already, from concerts to hikes to many coffee dates. Get your posse together and have a bit of fun!

Find your own adventures

While I would love to spend the summer hopping on and off different trains and exploring the streets of Tuscany, staying home doesn’t guarantee constant adventure. It’s easy to get caught up in day to day routines, but my goal this summer is to find fun, exciting things to do that break up my normal routine. I’m spending my break at home, so I need to make the most of it.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and that you take something away from this. I would love to know what your summer plans are in the comments below, so please let me know! Have an awesome day, homies. HAGS.

-Love Ling


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