Avocado Parmesan Toast

Hello, friends! Today I am sharing a snack that I recently concocted. This arose from the desire to eat something filling and delicious after my long day at work. You know how it is. Something about sitting in traffic for an hour listening to pop-country music just makes you really hungry!

In this quick and easy recipe, I am putting my own spin on avocado toast. You know how much I love this classic snack/meal/dish and I love that with just a few add-ons, your avocado toast can reach a whole new level of delicious. Here’s my variation!

Avocado Parmesan Toast

Pumpernickel bread

1/2 avocado (Mash with a fork)

Salt and pepper (Go wild)

Parmesan cheese (Treat yourself)

For my toast, I used pumpernickel bread, which has a rich flavor and is nice and soft. I then spread one half of an avocado with a fork until it looked beautiful and fluffy. For a bit more flavor, add some salt and pepper! I personally love adding a lot of these seasonings, so I was not shy about this step.

The crowning jewel of this snack is parmesan cheese.  Let’s do this thing. To tie this whole delicious, easy snack together, sprinkle a little bit of parmesan cheese over the top. I chose to add sliced parmesan, because I like the texture. However, if you want to add shredded cheese, that’s totally fine too. I am a huge fan of parmesan cheese and find that its saltiness and slightly dry texture fits perfectly with the creamy avocado.

You guys, this variation on avocado toast is so delicious! I know adding parmesan over the top is really basic, but it really does make a big difference in the overall flavor. I offered a bite to my mom and sister and could hardly keep it away from them! I will definitely be making this again.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you try out this recipe and I’d love to know if you guys have any recommendations for other avocado toast variations. Have a great day!

-Love Ling


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