My First Job

Hello, friends! I have just started my new job at a major theater in my city and it has been a whirlwind of learning so far! If you don’t already know, this summer is devoted to getting work experience and building up resources for the upcoming school year. While I  would rather be galavanting around Italy with my dad and sister, I’m trying to make the best of my time at home and at my new job.

I am currently working as a ticketing customer service representative, which means that I help customers with any questions they might have, help them buy tickets, and work on small projects for the theater. I mainly work either at the call center talking to patrons or in the box office, where people can come in and get assistance. Working in the box office is my personal favorite, because communicating face to face is a lot easier for me.

I was super lucky to come across this opportunity, because I had planned to work somewhere else for the summer. When that didn’t work out, this job presented itself and it’s turned out to be so much more rewarding and suiting to what I want to do. When I first arrived at work, I spent about 2-3 weeks in training–learning the policies, procedures, etc. I am definitely still in the process of learning everything, but I definitely feel a lot more comfortable than I did before. This, along with the people I work with, makes coming into work a lot more enjoyable.

Because this job is located downtown, I have to commute about thirty minutes from where I live. This can be a pain sometimes, because commuter traffic sucks, especially in the evening. I feel like I have been thrown into the corporate jungle, where everyone has either a badge, a tie, or a briefcase. It’s pretty intimidating and I feel pretty darn young. It’s definitely strange coming from the collegiate world where  I am constantly surrounded by people my own age to working with adults, but everyone at work as been really nice and welcoming. Working downtown has also made me more comfortable being on my own, even in a big city. I have always loved the downtown area of where I live and getting to know it better has been really fun. There’s large buildings and skyscrapers everywhere!

As far as the work that I’m doing, I’ve really enjoyed it so far. I am definitely a people person, so I love getting to talk to patrons. Even though it’s not always easy, especially since I am new to the job, interacting with a variety of different people is super fun for me. I also get to educate people about theatre, which is awesome since I come from a theatre background. My knowledge of different shows and venues has definitely helped me in this job.

My first job has been a great learning experience so far and is keeping me busy! Even though this isn’t the most adventurous summer I’ve had travel-wise, it’s been an adventure learning about the working world. Ahh adult-ing is wild!

-Love Ling


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