What’s In My Nanny Bag

Hello, friends!

I hope your summer is going well so far. I’m spending this weekend feeling a little under the weather, but I’m enjoying lounging in my pajamas and marathoning Friends. However, when I’m not lounging on the couch, I am spending my week days working as a nanny for a family friend. They have a three year old son that I look after during the day. Our days are filled with trips to the pool, the trampoline park, and any place where he can run around and play with other kids.

Being a nanny has been a great experience so far and has helped me develop skills in patience, creativity, and planning. A big part of making sure the day goes smoothly is being adequately equipped with anything that I or the child I look after needs. Here are some of the things that I keep in my nanny bag. I hope you enjoy this post!

The bag: I have had this Longchamp bag for a good while now and it has served in many capacities. I enjoy using it as my nanny bag, because it’s sturdy, fashionable, and fits absolutely everything that I need.

  • Emergency pack: I have a little striped bag that keeps items that I may need in case of an emergency. I keep hand sanitizer wipes for easy clean ups, bandaids, as well as tissues for runny noses. I also keep a tide pen for any spills and stains and feminine products for, well, you know. In addition to this, I keep a tiny tube of sunscreen for sunny days.
  • Wallet: This is a must have!
  • Phone Charger: I use my phone a lot throughout the day, especially for music and navigation when I’m driving places. It’s really helpful to be able to charge my phone throughout the day, so I know I’ll have a functioning phone.
  • Book/Notepad & Pen: In the rare occasion that I have down time, I like to have something to read. I’m currently reading a play called a number. I also keep a notepad and pen on hand, in case I need to write any phone numbers, WiFi passwords, etc. down.
  • Hand sanitizer: I really don’t like germs and being nanny definitely exposes me to a lot of them. This really helps in a pinch.
  • Sunglasses: These are an obvious pick, but they really come in handy with how much time we spend outside.
  • Chapstick/Lipstick: Another obvious pick.
  • Deodorant: Running around all day and spending lots of time outside in the hot summer heat make deodorant and essential. You’ve gotta keep it fresh, y’all.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Being a nanny has been great so far and has taught me a lot about children and myself. What a great summer job!

Have an awesome rest of your summer!

-Love Ling


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