May Favorites

Hello, friends! The end of May is almost here! That means summer is on its way! This also means that graduation is quickly approaching, and I could not be more excited. May was a very eventful month and these are some of the things that got me through.


L’Oreal Ever Pure Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner

I recently got my hair high-lighted and I absolutely love it! I wanted to make some small changes before I went to college and I think that coloring my hair was a good way to keep things fresh! In order to keep my color in check, I use the L’Oreal Ever Pure Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner, which has been wonderful. It’s formulated for colored hair, so it’s nice and gentle. It also extends the longevity of my color, while keeping my hair smooth, clean, and protected from harmful UV rays. Check this product out here.



Maybelline Better Skin Foundation and Concealer

I wear this dynamic duo pretty much every day and they have been great for my skin. They give me medium-full coverage, while feeling light weight and lasting throughout the day. My preferred method of application is by using a wet sponge, because it gives an airbrushed finish. Now, this product claims to give you “better skin” and I have to say that my skin has been nice to me over the past few weeks. Dare I say that it’s because of this foundation? I feel good about putting it on my skin, because it nourishes throughout the day. Check out this product here.


Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio- Nude Collection

These are basically eyeliners, but slightly more chubby. I wear these pretty much every day, because they’re easy to use and add a bit of shimmer and light to the eye. They also last all day, without smudging! My favorite combination is the gold liner with the black liner applied a bit on top.  Check this product out here.

Some of my other favorites and fun things for the month were prom, watching a ton of the Next Food Network Star, performing at Blumenthal Performing Arts, and winding down for the year. How did your month of May go? Let me know!

-Love Ling


“No New Friends” Mentality


“I’ve heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason, bringing something we must learn…” -Wicked

Hello, friends! I am currently at the tail end of my senior year in high school, where the very lasts of the “last times” are coming to a close. At the beginning of my senior year, I made a list of goals for myself as I finished a new chapter of my life. One of my main goals was to #1 finish with all A’s in my classes and #2 maintain and strengthen relationships with my friends. I feel like I’m doing a decent job with both, though it’s difficult at this point of senior year when everyone is ready for college or whatever they have planned for the future. Many feel that it is too late to start something new, especially with friendships. One common thought I have heard people mention is the idea of “no new friends”, in which students become content with the friends that they have and feel as though forming new friendships would be pointless as they’re graduating and may never see these people again. Let’s elaborate on this issue, shall we?

Problem #1:

I have issues with mentality, because it’s shortsighted and has a negative impact on yourself and the people around you. Closing yourself off to others and just focusing on people you’re friends with now is limiting and doesn’t help you grow as a person.

Problem #2:

It’s great to have a core group of friends that you can establish firm relationships with, but it’s important to realize that people come into your life for a reason. Everyone you will meet will impact you in some way, giving you a new experience, changing your mindset, or helping you to discover something new about yourself. The “no new friends” mentality doesn’t allow you to enjoy the personal benefits of forming a relationship with another person.

Problem #3:

What’s wrong with making new friends anyways? You’re an awesome person and it would be selfish to keep people from meeting the incredible you! I’m not saying that you have to become best friends with everyone you meet, but don’t close yourself off just because you believe that you’ll never see these people again.

Final Thoughts:

Personally, I love the friends I currently have, though it’s quite possible that I could lose touch with some of them when I go to college. That being said, there’s no harm in working to maintain the relationships that you have. However, it’s inevitable that some friendships will fizzle and new ones will form, but it’s important to remember that we’re all here on this earth, so we might as well enjoy each other’s cmpany.


-Love Ling

Spring Break

**Disclaimer: This post was actually written two weeks ago, when Spring Break was more recent, but hopefully this will get you excited for summer! **

Hello, friends! My family and I took a seven day cruise over Spring Break to Costa Maya,Cozumel, Belize, and Roatan, and I wanted to share some of our adventures with you guys! Enjoy!

Day 1: On thefirst day, we boarded the ship, had a light lunch, and explored a bit while our rooms were getting ready. Before the ship departed, the crew had a dance party by the pool, to which my sister and I definitely took part of. You’ll notice that dancing was kind of our thing during the trip. That night, my family went to the lounge, where we played a game where you would run up to the front and sing if you knew the song that was being played. After that, it turned into a flat out dance party. The first day was an awesome start to our trip!

Day 2: We spent day two at sea, but I wanted to make the most of it. I started out the morning trying to find the gym on board, but it took me a good twenty minutes before I found it at the end of the ship. Afterwards, my family went to an art seminar that was being held. We learned about art history and later went to an art auction. The rest of the day was spent poolside and chilling.DSCN1714

Day 3: Roatan, Honduras day! I started out the morning with a bit of yoga and running. Let me tell you, working out is not easy on a rocking boat. After breakfast, my family and I got off the cruise and arrived in Roatan, Honduras. The plan for the day was to go snorkel by the beach, but we took a long bus ride to get there. It was a bit weird, because the bus ride over went through the outskirts of Roatan, where there was a lot of poverty and our destination was this paradise beach. It definitely made me feel grateful. We snorkeled a bit by the beach and saw some really gorgeous coral reefs. They were full of fish of all shapes and sizes, which huge mounds of coral. Later that day, we ate burgers by the beach and boarded back onto the ship.

Day 4: What a busy day! We got off to an early start with Belize. After taking a boat and a bus to our excursion, we saddled up with out tubes, helmets, and life vests for a gorgeous twenty minute hike through the Belize jungle. The jungle was filled with lush palms and coconut trees. After the hike, we took a tour of the caves in our tubes, led by some cool tour guides that paddled us through. The caves were super dark and the only light was coming from our helmets. For lunch, we ate some delicious Caribbean rice and chicken, along with a potato salad. It was delicious. If you’re ever looking for an excursion in Belize, I definitely recommend doing cave tubing. The tour guides were so nice and did a great job taking care of us.Later that day, we went to a hypnosis show on board, which was hilarious. It’s amazing what the power of suggestion can do. After wards, my sister and I went dancing to 50s and 60s music, which was really fun. We were definitely the youngest people there, but it was a great time.DSCN1718

Day 5: Costa Maya, Mexico! It’s a beautiful tourist town, emphasis on the tourist. I walked around the different souvenir shops, while the different shop owners heckled me to come into their stores. You know how it is. I ended up buying some bracelets for my friends. There was this really sweet pool in town, too, which my family and I hung out by. For the rest of the afternoon, I painted a bit and worked out. As for my and my sister’s nightly dancing adventure, we danced to a bit of Motown music in the lounge.DSCN1747

Day 6: On our final port day, we went to Cozumel, Mexico, which was definitely my favorite port. We started off the day by grabbing a cab to take us to the excursion meeting place. For the entirety of the cruise, I was the appointed communications person, so I sat in front with the cab driver and tried to muster up all the Spanish I learned over the past two years. It didn’t work. Once we got to the meeting place, we boarded a boat that took us out for a day of snorkeling. Let me tell you, the waves were really intense that day. I had a hard time trying to stick with the group, while dealing with the snorkel, and fighting the current. Unfortunately, I didn’t snorkel long and spent the rest of the trip hanging out on the boat. I didn’t mind, though. I met some really nice couples and took pictures. The crew kept serving all of the adults alcohol, and after a while, it became pretty hilarious. They played some dance music and I danced, while a bunch of drunk, older people were rocking along beside me. It was a great time. After our boat ride, my family walked around Cozumel a bit more. Cozumel is so beautiful and a really cool city.

Day 7: Last day of the cruise! I started off the morning with a my first facial, which was amazing. It was so relaxing and I’m pretty sure I fell asleep. The day was mostly spent relaxing. I did some art, then went to the crew talent show. There was this one crew member that sang and he sounded like Frank Sinatra. It was amazing. For our dinner plans, my family went to a Brazilian meat restaurant, where they served us a ton of delicious meats. It was one of those restaurants where you have a card that indicates whether you want to keep being served food or not. Later that night, we went to the cruise show and late night comedy.


I hope you enjoyed this travel post. My family had a lot of fun on this trip, and thank you for letting me share it with you!


-Love Ling